Monday, November 08, 2010

testing google maps

Saturday, September 12, 2009

hello world.

yes, it's been a while. things have been good. and bad.

when things with her are good, I feel like I'm in heaven. everything just seems so perfect.

but when either of us gets mad, you get a preview of armageddon.

recently, it has been me who triggers off armageddon.

I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like....I enter some sort of trance. I do everything so calmly and collectedly, it's like...i'm coldblooded, heartless, stone.

It's only when I hear her wailing and sobbing uncontrollably that I snap out of it.

Of course, by then, the damage is irreversible.

I love her. I really really really do. I don't know what i can do to show it, but i don't recall loving anyone quite as much, quite as deeply and quite as wholeheartedly.

I don't recall loving anyone until it hurt this bad.

I know I will never be perfect for her. Yes, what you said is true. If i can leave you once, i can leave you again.

And true enough, I did.

No one can say they know me fully.

I may have said that you are in no position to fuck me over for not knowing you well enough, because you don't know me well enough.

But truth be told; you are the person who knows me best.

It's not about knowing everything that's happened in my entire life. It's about knowing how to make me feel loved, feel like i, make me feel like i MUST forget the whole world, be with you, and just be contented, complete.

but I just don't know why.

why is it that I hurt every single person that I love.

why do i hurt everyone who loves me enough not to hate me?

it's like i'm a porcupine. whenever i try to hold someone close, i stab them with the daggers of bitterness on me.

it's not fair.

it's not fair to you.

it's not fair to me.

i'm sorry. i love you.

i need help.

Monday, February 02, 2009

this is an update.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm happy for you. I should be.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

): no one reads this shit.

hell, most of the links don't even fucken work!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

your bolster doesn't hug you back.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yay. blog. AGAIN.

This is the only writing I still do for free. (hint: PAY ME NOW)

Since it's free, here's another incoherent rant.

Just saw more anti-smoking ads a couple of days back. Now gahmen is banning smoking in:

  • playgrounds
  • Covered carparks
  • lift lobbies
  • areas outside entrances of shopping malls
  • open air shopping centres
This is on top of
  • Bus stops
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Bus interchanges

WTF. First, you raise the bloody prices, to fucking 4 times the amount smokers pay overseas (angmohs have been heard going, "WHAT THE FUCK?! TEN BUCKS FOR A PACK OF SMOKES?" when they walk into convenience stores).

Then you print bloody retarded, gross pictures on cigarette packs, which should really be R21 because of their gory content (but no, kids should see them, so they'll be too damn scared to puff).

Then you make it tough for people to smoke and drink at the same time, when tobacco and alcohol really go hand in hand.

Then you print the retarded 'SDPC' on EVERY FUCKIN' STICK so no one can ever buy contraband and get away scot free.


So now, smokers are EXPECTED to walk out into the rain every time they need a smoke? They also need to walk out of playgrounds into the surrounding grass patches to get their dose of nicotine everytime they chill out at playgrounds at night?

Well done lah.

Walk out into rain, cigarette extinguished.

Walk out onto grass patch, step on cat shit.

Well done lah.

Pretty soon, smokers can only stand under ERP gantries to smoke.

Want to smoke? Pay ERP.

Oh shit, am I giving them ideas?

Next to the Jews, smokers are the most persecuted people on earth.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

since im bored out of my mind, i shall blog (when i really should be thinking about new merchandise for IMC and a bloody outdoor ad)

actually i don't know what to blog about.

So i shall answer the question i usually ask:

"So, how's life?"

Life is..............wait, what life?

I have no life.

okay lah, a bit. Some parties here and there, dinners with friends, hardening my liver and blackening my lungs etc.

And of course, wrecking friendships and relationships like i always do. Lol.

So it's the holidays now. I imagined more work at first, but now I have nothing to do. NOTHING.

Don't even know if that is a good thing. I've been craving sleep and slept way too much during project stayovers (i'm so gonna get marked down). Now I sleep about 10 hours every day, but wake up and think, "Gawd wtf am i gonna do today."

My sub-ed just blasted my work in an email. Ok i have to admit it was a VERY slipshod piece of shit done on a total of 3 train rides and a couple of hours at the tables under convention.

At least I have time now to polish that up.

(Especially people whom I've worked for, because I don't write for free......anymore!)

I have only 30 bucks left in the bank!


And I'm sick. coughing and have the sniffles.

Did I mention, im FLUNKING medlaw big time. Really quite worrying, but I dont know what the fuck to do. I do study, I see the question and I answer it confidently, only to find that i was given a big fat ZERO when i get the paper back.

sigh. to think i wanted to become a lawyer.

Mom: You're so good at arguing and talking back, go become a lawyer lah.
Me: Yeah, good idea!

Oh yeah, then again, that was a career choice suggested by the great mother. No wonder it would have turned out all fuckedup. Just like my half-fucked JC education.

Yes, if i went thr the two full years, it would be a totally fucked JC education.


as for the love life........well, let's just say that I can't become the good guy who gets the marriage material girl.

Simply cos i can't fulfill the 'good guy' end of the deal.

Maybe i have low self-confidence, but I'm often surprised at the kind of material i manage to attract.

I mean, look at me: I'm fat, I'm smelly (so says rach), I'm pimply (and getting pimplier thanks to a certain facial product), I'm brash, I'm a bastard and i suck at medlaw.

That's not a very sexy picture.


okay time to shower and go over to parc oasis for mahjong. lol.

happy holidays!

P.S. I never got to say this before, but Wwei's dad was driving us home the other day and we went past Geylang.

I saw someone who looked very much like her.

I mean, I know she's a slut, but WOW! Could it be that she now does it full-time?

(gawd why am i even talking about her. i can't even remember how she looks like. or all the 'important' dates)

P.P.S. Walao that was a hell lot of random shit.

oh man, some interesting memories.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"They took away smoking, they took away drugs and promiscuous sex, they took away eating red meat and cat calling hot chicks on the street. All I have left is over-priced coffee, and by God I'm going to drink it!" - Brent Sienna

Sunday, November 09, 2008

as much as the workload is increasing, I really can't complain much.

life's good: I've lost a bit of weight, been able to catch up with a coupla buddies I haven't seen in ages, have enough of everything to keep me satisfied, had a few lucky breaks and I'm pretty much thoroughly enjoying myself in doing what I do.

And as much as I hate becoming an old man, my 20th is coming along!

it's all good.

and yes, just so you know; you are a loser.

a WEAK loser.

I have no idea what I saw in you. I don't really care whether you were really referring to me or not, but yeah,

just add 'us' to your list of regrets.

i'm gloating. triumphantly. i'm a fuckin triumphant gloating asshole.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

dear you.

you're already a masterpiece

Beethoven never added a drumbeat to the Fur Elise

please don't paint your face, you're beautiful just the way you are. (:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

left eye twitched all day today.

is that bad?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

who says beggars can't be choosers?

actually sometimes when you leave it up to God, everything just...falls into place.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just saw a TVC for Dettol hand sanitizer.

The mom was stopping her kids from touching things like shopping carts and lift buttons for fear that they would contain harmful bacteria. But after sanitizing their hands with DETTOL HAND SANITIZER, EVERYDAY OBJECTS could be touched again without fear.


you promoting a product or you promoting paranoia?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

i just found out that 3 of my primary school friends are in med school


the same people who used to sit in the same class as me, do the same papers as me, play hopscotch, catching and monkey bars during recess with me.

We had comparable grades until the bloody streaming in P4 put them in one class above me. Why? They did higher chinese. I couldn't (actually I could have but I didn't want to kill myself, yet).

So now they are studying to be doctors (think Grey's) where daily work means saving lives and maybe even bringing life into this world.

While they're at that, I'm probably working myself to death for low pay in an industry where deception is part of my job scope and rising in ranks means putting on a fake front and pandering to the wants of those around me.

so what if I'm in one of the most sought-after courses in poly? big deal.

I'm a fucking underachiever.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

if I think some bungs are hot and some gayboys are cute, does that contradict my status as a straight guy?


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm sick of coming up with excuses.

I'm sick of getting the same old excuses.

I'm sick of giving myself excuses for not trying to be a better individual.


only 2 things in this world are capable of motivating me: my own anger, or my love for someone

I've nothing to motivate me right now.

Until someone pisses me off real bad.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

also, it's only during the times when you are forced to look through your list of contacts that you find many different kind of people.

changed phone yesterday so spent the whole night bluetoothing contacts to the new phone.

it's quite saddening to scroll through my contact list and see the numbers of people whom I was once really close to, but never talk to now.

Circumstances caused us to drift apart. we're in such different worlds now that i don't even need to keep their numbers anymore.

Then there are other names I simply can't recognise.

Every few names, i spend a few seconds at thinking," Who's this girl again? Was she an interviewee? Or just a 'friend of a friend' from a night out?".

Or worse, the people with common names, only to be distinguished by surnames - "Huh, Jeremy Wong? Who's that?"

Can't remember how these numbers found their way into my phone. Doesn't help that I'm bad with connecting names to faces. These numbers don't get transferred either.

Finally, there are people I've fallen out with, or people caught in the middle of tiffs, or people who've betrayed me.

Their numbers get transferred. Would have to use them someday, for some reason.
brought my grandma to see a doc about her hearing problems.

it's weird how the doctors and nurses call out patients' names so softly.

if the patients could hear them, they wouldn't be there now, would they?